Romi Sloan 


I discovered Kirtan several years ago while going to a weekly chant/ meditation here in Southampton. Sure, I had heard kirtan in my yoga classes, but had never actively participated in one. I fell in love with it and soon was traveling all over the country to attend Kirtans.


I found it amazing to see people coming in from all walks of life, the rich and poor, happy and sad, grief stricken, contemplative, melancholy; no matter what brought them there, and they would almost always leave feeling better. I love the sense of community. I’ve friends from all over the world, Kirtan friends. We look forward to seeing each other several times a year at all of these events. 


I’ve heard Krishna Das say many times, " When you sing, you can't stop it, it just happens and you become Joyful"

Isn't that the truth! Kirtan just makes you HAPPY. No therapy, no drugs.... How is that for a miracle? 


I love kirtan so much that I started hosting home Kirtans a few years ago. Once a week was not enough, I wanted more of it! My friends came to my Kirtans and it was great. I started thinking, if my friends and I wanted more Kirtan, without having to travel to western Long Island or NYC and beyond, then there had to be other people as well … and Hamptons Kirtan was born!


I am committed to bringing Kirtan of all traditions, world music, meditation and sound healings to the East end. Hamptons Kirtan will be having at least one event per month and as our community grows we will offer new events. Please come sing, dance, meditate and find JOY with us....... 


For those of you that already know me, I am very involved in animal rescue, a portion of ticket sales of all Hampton Kirtan events will be donated toward animal rescue. 


Many blessings,