Dalien  aka 13 Hands 

 Friday March 3

The evening opens with you doing ABSolutely nothing... 

just lying down a blissful sound healing with Native flutes, hang drum and primordial sacred vocal channeling to bless the studio, relax your mind, body and nervous system and set the healing community vibes!!! Shortly afterward you'll be brought out with gentle guitars into a fun-filled, ambient and high energy Kirtan along with inspirational world music and songs!! ALL WELCOME, IF YOU NEVER EXPERIENCED KIRTAN, THEN COME!  All voices are needed, all voices are important, all voices need to be heard!Additionally, bring a drum, shaker and/or rattle..... cause things gonna get FUN-KY with 2 hours of chanting, kirtan, jamming and positive vibes as we chant acrossvarious yoga lineages and cultures.  Dalien plays 30 instruments, has 15 albums and tours nationally sharing his take on chant, yoga and wellness all the time.  Come explore and celebrate a beautiful, vibrant and healing experience that will leave you SO happy and open in your heart!