I have never attended a kirtan before.  I found the entire experience to be inspiring and calming.  I enjoyed the music a mixture of ancient and new.  I appreciate that the artists took time to explain the history of the instruments they used and what the chants meant.  I am looking forward to The Hanumen with tremendous excitement.


"Music has always lightened hearts & brought people together.  In this country gospel and hymns are an example.  Kirtan takes this sense of community to a different level...not if you have a chance, make it a priority to attend one of these events this spring or summer.  Thank you Romi Sloan for your work in bringing this ancient tradition to the Hamptons!"


 I am so grateful to Romi for bringing Hamptons Kirtan to Southampton.  She has gifted us with some of the most inspirational and talented Kirtan artists.  I always leave feeling more hopeful & centered.  Thank you for this.


"Gratitude to Romi for bringing some amazing Kirtan to the east end.  Chanting is my connection to the divine reaching deep into my heart and soul. May we sing our way to love, peace, and happiness."                 Elaine S.

I attended Hamptons Kirtan last night and what a great experience !! I highly recommend it to every one whether you are new to this or been doing it for a while 
the atmosphere and energy level was amazing Paradiso and Rasamayi where awesome!! looking forward to next event.    You won't be disappointed!
John B.
So grateful to Romi for bringing Kirtan to us. Always a moving experience!
Judy P.
Loved, loved, LOVED the evening with Wynne Paris!!! ...great venue and wonderful, intimate group... I'll be back!!!     Gina W.

Such a wonderful ,healing ,fun time at all the Hamptons Kirtan concerts Wish they had them once a week .I feel so good and uplifted afterwards .Cant wait to get back home to enjoy again.            

Colleen S. 

I have been to several of Hamptons Kirtan events. I travel all the way from North Carolina to attend them. Its always worth it! Next time I should just get a one way flight....its so uplifting I swear I could fly myself home. Even if you are not familiar with Kirtan, check one out, you won't regret it!                            
Julie C.