What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is a devotional yoga practice rooted in sound, vibration, voice, meditation  and intention.  A group or individual chants mantras in the language of Sanskrit (traditionally) together in a call-and-response arrangement. The leader, also known as a "Kirtan Wallah," chants a mantra to the group, and then the group repeats that same mantra back by singing the response portion.  

The vibration effects of the chanting, the language, the sounds, the instrumentation and all the collective voices participating can bring the mind and body into a very deep state of relaxation and can bring one into a calm sense of centeredness, happiness, ease, joy, release of tension and/or stress and improved breathing/oxygenation of your body.  


It truly has to be experienced to be understood, as for some, people walk away feeling more deeply connected to their body, their life, their family and friends... and of course closer to God or the divine; in whatever that represents for you.  Words can't really do it full justice but the fun is is that you're in community, together, connecting, laughing, singing and experiencing a powerful tribal sense of love that can't be put into words.

Come out to Hampton's Kirtan and feel the love....