Wynne Paris 


June 20, 2015


Shows to Benefit Elephant Conservation

Wynne Paris has spent the last 20 years playing yoga and world beat music to audiences around the country. He performs on guitar, sarod, harmonium and percussion. Blessed by being born into a musical and yogic family, Wynne has recorded and performed with many well known yoga and mainstream musicians, including: Krishna Das, Tony Levin, Dave Stringer, Rick Allen, members of the Bruce Hornsby band, Dave Stringer, Shyam Das and many more. Wynne has also recorded 4 CD’s and has played many beloved festivals and venues , such as Evolve Fest, Omega inst, Kripalu, Harmony Fest, Bhakti Fest, Starwood, etc. He has played with many Tibetan and Indian musicians, and even had a stint in an Ethiopian reggae band. When not touring or recording, Wynne spends his time at home in Washington DC, working with his band Groovananda.